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  • Artique Homes – 30 Years of Recognition for Master Craftsmanship

    A new year, a new beginning, whereby 2019 will bring its unique set of challenges to the building industry and new home owners, however, it is exciting to see positivity returning to both employment in WA and to the Housing Industry, demonstrating the benefits of building now. It is a great time to develop and / or build a new home in Perth, with interest rates at an all time low, supplier rates extremely competitive, and trade rates subdued, therefore offering a new home owner the best opportunity for building a new home that we have witnessed in many years. It is important to remember the basics however, when building a new home: • Great Design costs no more for a Custom Home than standard project builders’ designs, which is a strength at Artique, and a weakness of project builders, whereby project builders plonk a standard design on your site, which offers little or no thought to you or your sites specific features – Why Compromise? • Orientating your home and the individual rooms within, to the right direction on your site has numerous advantages for lifestyle, energy consumption, thermal mass, climate control, natural ventilation, light & shade, vistas, etc. – which are all important considerations for a Custom Design at Artique • Ensuring everything required is included prior to paying a deposit is a must with any Builder, rather than Guestimates by a builder’s sales persons, such as siteworks, fees & charges, sufficient light & power points, etc., which reduces hidden costs later – Honesty & Integrity Always at Artique. • Including items, you specifically want within your new home, prior to paying a deposit, ensures that they are not mischievously included later by the builder, at exorbitantly higher margins – ask for everything to be included from the start. • Ensure that you have control of your building project, with direct contact with your builder at all times, to ensure honesty, that you are well informed and that the project and all dealings are fully transparent – Your Peace of mind. • Ensure every detail is discussed and verified, prior to any financial commitment by yourself, to guarantee a sound investment – don’t be in a rush to pay a deposit – it’s generally only the project builder that is desperate for your money. Artique Homes has been Designing and Building Luxurious Homes for over 30 Years, incorporating our owners’ ideas and requirements uncompromised, with our expertise, to ensure the completed project is of the highest craftsmanship, built with Trust and Confidence. Builder, Designer and Director, Malcolm Goode, is personally responsible for every facet of your new home, which makes the attention to every detail unique and without compromise, to ensure the process is enjoyable and rewarding, as it should be. Artique Homes has a proven record over 30 years, for uncompromised attention to every detail, unparalleled master craftsmanship and personalised service with the Director/Designer/Builder, to ensure your total satisfaction with your new home. What’s your style – discuss your new home today with Artique Homes, call 9240 1142, email enquiries@artiquehomes.com.au, or go online at www.artiquehomes.com.au– You will be Impressed – Experience the Artique Difference.

  • Custom Design, Integrity , Personal Service & Awarded Quality – All combine for a Great Experience in Building Your New Home – Artique Homes Since 1988

    Great Custom Design is essential in any home, no matter what style you prefer, which when complimented by a fully comprehensive specification of all required and wanted inclusions, with a fixed - all inclusive quotation from day 1, with no hidden extras later, along with direct contact with the Builder himself at all times, & weekly report updates, Building your new home results in a terrific experience – at Artique, you will ‘Experience the Difference’ to that of standard design project builder! Unlike project Builders homes, which are generally standard designs, simply plonked onto blocks with no consideration for environmental aspects, views, liveability, privacy, light & shade, your personal family requirements, etc., an Artique Home is Custom Designed to consider all of these aspects and more when designing your new home, to ensure that the finished product has no compromise for the occupants, and surprisingly at NO ADDITIONAL COST THAN A PROJECT BUILDERS STANDARD DESIGN. At Artique, it all starts with a Design Brief meeting, working with the Designer, to review all aspects of your site, to discuss YOUR requirements and wishes for your new family home, obligation free, after which a carefully considered design will be conceptualised for your review and input at all times. Once the design is presented, and accepted, then prior to any estimating, considerable time is taken to develop a specification, to ensure you have the products and level of quality required, and suitable allowances for tiling, appliances, and other required inclusions, as well as other items such as Air-conditioning, flooring, security, smart wiring, etc., to ensure that the quote is complete in every way. Artique then move to estimating, whereby, unlike project builders, who guestimate a lot of costs such as siteworks, which often blow out in cost later, at Artique, we have every item fully quoted by all contractors, to ensure that what we present are real costs – Honesty and Integrity are conclusive. Artique also process all approvals and provide a detailed Building Program, so that you may monitor every step of the construction, backed up by weekly progress reports, to provide peace of mind; and arrange to meet you personally on site at various stages, as required, to ensure you are fully informed always. Therefore, if you are considering demolishing your existing home, or building on a new home site, then explore Artique at www.artiquehomes.com.au, and contact Malcolm Goode at Artique Homes, for an obligation free consultation on 92401142 / 0418 959 741 today and Experience the Difference with Artique.

  • Artique Homes – Another Home of Distinction Completed

    On Budget, On target for time, Carefully Crafted to the Owners Expectations, and Timeless in Style! A testament to Malcolm Goode and his team at Artique Homes who have been Designing and Building some of Perth’s finest Custom Homes. With a reputation for immersing himself in each project from start to completion, no matter the size, Malcolm has been the driving force behind the company’s continued success as the Director, the Builder, and the Designer all in one – very unique in the Perth housing industry. As the Designer, Builder and Managing Director, customers get just the one contact at Artique – Malcolm - No dealing with multiple staff every time you call up and no ideas lost in transition. Our homes are unique, crafted to achieve our clients desired result, and built to an Award-Winning standard, within budget. We take time to ensure both the home design and specification of inclusions are exactly to the client’s requirements - then and only then we develop a quotation, including all fully itemised site works, ensuring there are no hidden costs later. This provides peace of mind to owners, helping to build a strong, trusting relationship during the build. Our Homes range from around $350,000, whereby we cater for all budgets and, most importantly, treat each client as if they are the most important client in our business. Malcolm is involved through every stage of the process, whatever the size of home. Strong client liaison and communication are the key to the process, and this commitment to clients has resulted in almost 50 per cent of our business coming from repeat work or word-of-mouth referrals. A client can stay with us for life. Building multiple homes a year, presents a number of highlights and challenges, and each home we build is as important and as memorable as the next. This particular home, built for two very busy Doctors, presented challenges with siteworks, which were easily overcome with careful consideration and planning. The owners, also being busy professionals, were able to rely on the expertise and experience of Malcolm and Artique, to assist with every step of the planning, approvals, selections and construction of their new home – Another Successful Project. For further information on Designing and Building an Artique Home, call 9240 1142, email malcolm.g@artiquehomes.com.au, or go online at www.artiquehomes.com.au – You will be Impressed Experience the Difference by Selecting Your Builder before you Select Your Home.

  • Top 9 New Home Considerations for Every Homebuyer

    With experience in the building industry comes a wealth of knowledge on what homebuyers really want and should take into consideration when building a new home. We’ve compiled our list of the top 9 considerations to make when planning, designing, and building a custom luxury home.

  • There Has Never Been a Better Time To Build Than Right Now

    The WA building industry sector has given indications of housing market recovery throughout 2017.

  • Choose Your Builder – Before You Choose Your Home

    It has never been more important than right now, with the current economic environment, whereby the downturn in Mining in WA along with Australian and International economic circumstances, which have impacted on all sectors of retail and industry, and subsequently employment, and therefore your personal spending / economic circumstances, that you as a potential Home Owner, ensure that all elements of your New Home quotation, are included and fully/correctly costed, prior to absolutely any financial commitment to a Builder by yourselves.

  • The Custom Build Difference

    Choosing to go with a custom builder is a sound decision for an individual or family who are hoping to build a unique, luxury home. But what is the difference between choosing a custom builder - who designs and builds your home - or choosing two different companies or contractors to get the job done?

  • Choosing a Luxury Home Builder

    With over 28 years’ experience in the building industry, the team at Artique Homes understands the importance of choosing the right builder to work on your ideal home. When it comes time to choosing a builder for your luxury, custom-built home, you want to be sure you have gone with the right company and are making the best decision for yourself or your family.

  • Benefits of Building a Two Storey Home

    It’s one of those classic debates in the real estate industry and amongst those who are getting ready to build their first (or second!) home: one storey or two? Both have their benefits, but here at Artique we believe that a two storey home simply has more to offer.