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  • Top 9 New Home Considerations for Every Homebuyer

    With experience in the building industry comes a wealth of knowledge on what homebuyers really want and should take into consideration when building a new home. We’ve compiled our list of the top 9 considerations to make when planning, designing, and building a custom luxury home.

  • There Has Never Been a Better Time To Build Than Right Now

    The WA building industry sector has given indications of housing market recovery throughout 2017.

  • Choose Your Builder – Before You Choose Your Home

    It has never been more important than right now, with the current economic environment, whereby the downturn in Mining in WA along with Australian and International economic circumstances, which have impacted on all sectors of retail and industry, and subsequently employment, and therefore your personal spending / economic circumstances, that you as a potential Home Owner, ensure that all elements of your New Home quotation, are included and fully/correctly costed, prior to absolutely any financial commitment to a Builder by yourselves.

  • The Custom Build Difference

    Choosing to go with a custom builder is a sound decision for an individual or family who are hoping to build a unique, luxury home. But what is the difference between choosing a custom builder - who designs and builds your home - or choosing two different companies or contractors to get the job done?

  • Choosing a Luxury Home Builder

    With over 28 years’ experience in the building industry, the team at Artique Homes understands the importance of choosing the right builder to work on your ideal home. When it comes time to choosing a builder for your luxury, custom-built home, you want to be sure you have gone with the right company and are making the best decision for yourself or your family.

  • Benefits of Building a Two Storey Home

    It’s one of those classic debates in the real estate industry and amongst those who are getting ready to build their first (or second!) home: one storey or two? Both have their benefits, but here at Artique we believe that a two storey home simply has more to offer.

  • Latest Trends: Designing Your Custom Build Home

    Building a custom home is the ideal way to create a dream space for you and your family that fits all of your needs and doesn’t cut any corners. Choosing to design and build a custom home is ideal for those who want a unique property that reflects the personality of the owner or family, and that is fit out in a way that suits their needs perfectly.

  • Perth Property Predictions 2016

    Every new-year, economists, industry organisations and commentators try and predict what the housing market trends will be for the year ahead. In 2016, following a period of sustained growth many are predicting that in the evolving economic environment, Australia’s housing market is on track for a period of significantly reduced growth or even decline.

  • Essential Steps to Building Your 2 Storey Home

    The cost of land in Perth has grown significantly, so in 2016 it’s time to open up your mind to smart building alternatives. Choosing to build a custom luxury two storey home has lots of advantages, whereby with careful planning and design you can incorporate the features which you need and want. By building two storey, your footprint is halved, allowing you to maximise the space you have available.  The home of your dreams is waiting for you. 

  • Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

    Building a luxury home is a huge financial and emotional investment. Here are some essential questions to ask before you sign the contract.