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Everyone has their own unique vision of how their home should be designed, so you should give careful consideration to the essential features you require when building your luxury home.

Here is a list of 9 things to think about when planning, designing and building your custom home:

Outdoor Living Space

For those beautiful Perth summer and even winter days, relaxing, entertaining and eating outdoors is one of the best ways to enjoy life. A barbeque and outdoor kitchen on the deck will provide comfort and convenience overlooking the pool, but needs to be carefully integrated with the family and kitchen areas.

A Green Home

With energy bills skyrocketing it’s important to figure out how you can reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. This includes everything from appliances and light fittings to solar power and air conditioning. It also includes designing the home to make use of passive heating and cooling with ceiling and wall insulation without inhibiting internal natural light to the home. It can be worth spending a little extra on an energy-efficient appliance if it means significantly reduced energy use in the long run.

Open Plan Living

An open plan floor space minimises inside walls, thus offering a more spacious look and feel even in a smaller home. Higher ceilings also fit into this equation, allowing more light and air into the home. Having doors however to segment other areas of the home for sound, heating & cooling is extremely essential.

The Right Decor

Is important. While many people like neutral colours – especially if they intend to sell in a few years - brighter colours are now making a comeback. These are often seen in appliances and furnishings as well as counter tops. The use of natural materials such as stone and timber will also add calming life to your home, and add timeless character.

Size is Important

While it’s tempting to go for as much space as you can afford, consider what you really need to suit your lifestyle and how a well-designed custom built home can make the best use of the space you have. Innovative & clever design can make moderate spaces appear lager whilst maintaining functionality with adequate natural light.


Modern kitchens have the latest in appliances, counter tops, lighting, seating and cupboard design. Drawers for storage are a must and as well as a decent and functional pantry. It should be a pleasure to prepare food in your kitchen, not a chore!

A Larger Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the last thing you think about when designing your home, but the current trend is towards larger bathroom area. When you spend so much time in the bathroom it makes sense to take this room seriously when considering how to design your home. Luxurious baths & spas are also popular if you have the space in your new home and a 3 way bathroom for children can be more functional.

Smart Storage Solutions

Whether your home is large or small, storage solutions that make the most of every corner are needed. A quality home builder will always take smart storage solutions into account, including designing the underside of stairs as a wine cellar or for specialty storage rather than an area that seems to collect unwanted items.

Garage space

With the harsh WA weather conditions, it’s important to have a sheltered, safe and secure enclosure to reside your cars, leisure equipment and your tools. When building your home, take into account whether you’re likely to have more than 1 car, whether extra height is required for a 4WD, and requirements for storage or workshop areas.

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