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These days there are so many features that can be incorporated into a new home that we once thought of as science fiction.  Technology has evolved in leaps and bounds, so many of the things that we once thought of as impossible or luxury features are actually available and very affordable.  

If you’re preparing to build a home it’s important that you speak to your Designer/Builder (the very same person at Artique Homes), at the planning stage so all of your great innovative ideas can be built into you brand new home. 

Here are 5 of our favourite features for you to consider: 

  1. Perth homes are primarily designed to keep us cool in the hot summer months, but as winter approaches and the nights get colder we want our homes to be warm and comfortable. Reverse cycle air conditioning is fine, but it’s not the only efficient or cost effective way to warm a home. Underfloor heating will not only improve the indoor air quality, it’s more efficient and cost effective than any other heating system.  This technology is tried and tested and can be adjusted to work on a room-by-room basis.  This precise temperature control means you’re living in a cosy, energy-efficient environment and is suitable for tiled or timber areas.
  2. Traditionally the smallest room in the home, bathrooms have changed to meet modern needs. The benefit of a customised design is your bathroom can be planned to suit your lifestyle.  Whether you choose a separate shower and bath, a waterfall shower fitting or even multiple showerheads, you can be sure that your new bathroom will work for you.  Our clever designers can even incorporate soft lighting and music in your bathroom design so you can enjoy that ultimate relaxing bath. A 3 way bathroom with separate shower, vanity and toilet areas, is excellent for growing families.
  3. Security is a primary focus for most home owners.  Fitting a driveway alarm and perimeter lighting is a great way of letting you know that people are approaching your home, especially if you have a long driveway.  Likewise wouldn’t you feel safer with a perimeter alarm system, enabling the occupants to wander anywhere inside the home, whilst all doors and windows are projected?
  4. Working with your builder at the planning stage allows you to install specialty wiring so you can have power outlets where you need them such as the kitchen island, inside a bathroom medicine cupboard or even out under the eaves.  Life is much more convenient when you don’t have to search for an outlet. A rechargeable torch in the pantry or robe for unforeseen power cuts is a great idea.
  5. If you have teenagers, many parents find having a computer space set up near the kitchen or family room is a great way of monitoring internet use and making sure your kids are safe online. This is also beneficial as a Drop Zones for all mobile appliances, clearing the clutter to the Kitchen bench.  


At Artique Homes, we know that spending a little extra time in the planning phase pays dividends for our customers.  This is why we work with you from the outset to design and build features into your home that make it energy efficient, comfortable and suitable for your lifestyle.  

Our goal is always exceed our clients’ expectations, which is why we offer a highly personalised service. Why not give us a call on 9240 1142 and tell us your plans.  We’re sure we can help turn your dreams into reality.