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If you enjoy the thought of entertaining guests in your home, consider these ideas when designing your dream kitchen. Our home Designer utilise over 40  years of expertise creating quality homes in Perth to create kitchens that expertly combine functionality with aesthetic beauty.

1. What’s it all for?

Think about the kind of events you would like to host; a kitchen island would be useless for a four-course banquet for ten, just as a formal dining setting would feel uncomfortable for Saturday footy or coffee with the girls!

Whatever your soiree style, it’s important to think about how best to design the space to suit the lifestyle you dream to have.

2. The practicalities of partying

Consider how you will physically use your kitchen as an active space. Firstly, you can never have enough uncluttered counter space – it is invaluable whether you are prepping a dozen dishes or trying to find somewhere to put your glass down later in the evening. Having enough storage is a must too – make full use of available space by installing corner cupboards, corner drawers, or slim vertical drawers that slide out of narrow spaces. A stone bench kitchen island is a terrific idea, if you are happy to design a kitchen large enough to accommodate one. A drop Zone for all of those phones and tablets away from the main bench space is essential.

3. Appliances

Some carefully chosen gadgets incorporated into your custom kitchen can make entertaining guests much easier. Consider installing a deep drawer for your pre-assembled blender, a large enough fridge/freezer to cool drinks and food in, a wine cabinet for your growing collection and a dishwasher for quickly whisking away dirty dishes as the party progresses. A double oven can be very helpful when working on more complex meals, or if you are keeping food warm before a party begins, or a steam oven that retains the true taste of vegetables. With such a vast range of brands available, it can be befuddling to choose the one that is right for your kitchen. Your Designer/Builder can provide advice on which appliances will work well with your kitchen’s aesthetic style, be it classic or modern design and to suit your culinary skills.  

4. Make it unique and show it off!

When given the opportunity to design your own custom kitchen, you have the rare opportunity to build something truly unique. Consider being a bit adventurous with materials used – great combinations include steel and brick, or wood and glass. Play around with the palette too; polished concrete for a monochrome look, stone benches and timber cabinets for a timeless feel, or a variety of bold yet complimentary colour schemes inspired by Perth’s surrounding landscapes. Your guests will notice fine build quality, so be sure to use the proper materials finished by a quality home builder.

5. Light and space

Finally, carefully designed windows can really set the mood of a kitchen depending on their size, shape, and view; though keep in mind that someone has to clean them! If incorporated correctly, they can add direct light to otherwise dim spaces, and will extent the space visually of the kitchen beyond the walls to focal points to the exterior of the home.