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Green is the new black and Smart Homes are all the rage

Discerning Perth home buyers are choosing to incorporate the latest technologies into their new home design, using state of the art technologies to maximise energy efficiency and support a more sustainable lifestyle.  It makes good economic sense to customise your new home at the design stage, especially if you want to build a luxury home with lots of ‘set and forget’ features that save you both time and money. 

Artique Homes are evolutionary builders who construct luxury homes that are customised to suit the specific needs of the owners. We make sure that your new home is smart and beautiful and will certainly stand out from the rest of the street.  After a busy day imagine coming home to an automated system that will open your garage door as your car enters the drive, turn on the  & dim the lights and deactivate the alarm system automatically, and raise & lower your blinds.

Even on Perth’s hottest days, you can return to a cool and comfortable environment because your air conditioning senses when the ambient temperature rises above a certain level and turns on automatically.  Plus your garden will always look great because the system can be programmed to water your garden whilst ensuring your pool system is maximised at all times.

Imagine never having to remind the kids to turn off the lights because your home is programmed to turn lights on and off as people enter and exit a room. This type of energy efficient technology not only does its bit for the environment, but also helps to lower your utility bills. No more forgetting the light is on in the pantry, cupboard or wardrobe. 

There are lots of lifestyle features that can be built into a smart house.  One very popular option is the addition of a home theatre. With a large screen and surround sound, you can have the authentic cinema experience at home, which can be extended to other rooms and the Alfresco areas. 

In addition to all the lifestyle benefits, your Smart Home can also provide peace of mind with a clever home security package that can be programmed to close the garage door as you leave the house, entry doors self-lock and your security alarm is activated.  There is also the bonus of being able to log in to your smart system remotely and adjust settings and even view via cameras activities at your home whilst away from you IPad  – technology like this really can make life so much simpler.

The Artique Homes team has so many satisfied clients because we provide each and every one of them with an exceptional level of personalised service as standard. Combine this with extensive industry knowledge and meticulous attention to detail for each project, and you will begin to see why Artique Homes have developed a reputation as one of Perth’s premier builders for Custom designed and fully integrated homes. 

We would love to help you to plan and build your future home.  Check out the customised homes section of our website or give us a call on 08 9240 1142 and see how we can help make your dream home a reality.