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If you are considering moving into a new place it’s likely you’re thinking about the differences between buying an existing house or building a brand new home. Before making your final decision, here are some points that can help you to decide which option is right for you.    


Pricing is an obviously important factor to consider when buying or building a home. It’s always worth asking a reputable Perth Custom home builder about the costs involved in building a home. Once you have this information, you can compare it to homes which are already built. This will allow you to gauge where you will get the best value for your money, as quite often renovating an older home can cost twice the rate of a new home – and it will still be an old home with ongoing maintenance and repair costs. 

It’s also important to consider the stamp duty payments and deposit costs. If you build you’ll only pay tax on the land, not the building. Whilst established homes will incur full purchase price taxation. And when it comes to deposits, you might be required to deposit different amounts when building or purchasing a home. 

Much of the time, building a home from scratch can be a lot more economical, especially in the long term, however if you’re considering investing you may want to think carefully about the location of your custom home. 


Building a home will obviously take longer than buying an existing older house. From planning to construction to fitting it out, building a custom home takes time due to the construction itself and unpredictable circumstances such as weather or council approval processes, however insist on a Gann chart program from your builder. However, if patience or time is not a problem, the rewards are plenty and you can get exactly what you want by building instead, bringing us to the next point – customisation.   


A good custom home builder will ensure that your home is exactly as you want it, prior to commencement of contracts and construction. From the exterior, the floor plan, to the final touches, technology, and interior fittings, you can expect only what you planned in your home. However, when buying an existing home, there is no doubt you’ll want to change bits and pieces, renovate, fix things and add extensions or rooms which will incur more costs and time. Building a custom home eliminates the hassle, giving you what you want as soon as you move in. Just ensure everything is fully specified, everything, prior to committing to build, to ensure there are no hidden and expensive extras later. 

Whether you are considering buying an established home or building a new home from scratch, make sure you consider all your options. Think about what you want in a home, the quality you expect, when you want it, costs, and most importantly – quality. If you want to speak to a reputable builder that has been building quality  custom homes in Perth since 1988, speak to Artique Homes today about your options. Visit our Design Principles page to see how Artique Homes can build your home or contact us on 08 9240 1142 today.