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Price is often what defines a luxury home in Perth but at Artique Homes we think it’s much more than that. Of course if you are looking for a customised home built by a professional home builder in Perth then you will expect to pay a premium, which is not the case with Artique. But it’s not just about the price tag – it’s about getting the finest quality, good value for money and a relationship Built on Trust.

Here are some top tips for Designing & Building a new luxury home: 

Be in the know

Many Builders like to protect their previous client’s privacy so often luxury homes won’t be advertised in the general media.  Search for a Designer/Builder with good property market knowledge and a reputation for working with high end properties, then discuss your wish list with them, in every minute detail. 

Get your finances sorted out first

If you’re in the market for a prestige property, first get your finances in order.  Nothing demonstrates that you’re a serious buyer more than having pre-approval for a loan or mortgage.  It can also assist your Designer/Builder when evaluating your wish list against your budget, so that all know the parameters from day 1. 

It may be love at first sight but it’s important to be detached

First impressions do count, as it is important that your new home demonstrates good design and exterior aesthetics, which will add value to your investment, but sometimes it’s important to take a step back. Do a critical appraisal of the architectural attributes of the Design and assess if it suits your current and future needs before falling in love with a property – then discuss the design amendments  in detail with your Designer/Builder, to ensure it is absolutely right and all-inclusive of your requirements. 

It’s helpful to make notes about the key points of each of the rooms such as the size, views, storage, potential use and future priorities.   Also, it’s important to ensure you Designer/Builder is creating what you want, and not an Icon for their reputation – certainly utilize their expertise, but it is your home after all. 

Do your homework & Ask Questions

Request total disclosure from the Builder – actively search to see if there are planning applications or other approvals in the pipeline that are required and that may affect you and your timeline and costs.  Remember the old adage “Buyer Beware”. 

Document everything

When you’re negotiating to buy a luxury or custom home it’s important to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Little oversights can turn into costly mistakes very quickly and/or hidden extras that you thought had already been included. Make sure you keep a record of the full negotiation process and what was agreed upon during meetings.


Negotiation process

Buying your dream home can be an emotional process but it is also a business transaction.  Ask your Builder to confirm that all costings are quoted costs by relevant contractors, and not just Guesstimates by the builder or salesperson.  Identify any major alterations you may wish to make prior to committing to purchase your new home, and remember a property that makes a strong visual aesthetic statement form the street, with varying material elements, such as stone, timber, feature work, etc. may appeal to many potential purchasers for future resale, and add enormous value, rather than a bland/plain exterior to the home.  Weigh up all of these things and make sure it is what you want totally, before you make a commitment. There is nothing wrong with having the best home in the street.


Client satisfaction is what drives us at Artique Homes.  We take pride in the quality of the homes we Design & Build and the attention to every detail with the personalised service we offer – experience the difference on a higher level of quality and trust – you are assured it will be rewarding with Artique. 

To find out more about our homes and why we’re the best builder for your needs, give us a call on 9240 1142 or email us on enquiries@artiquehomes.com.au.