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Choosing to go with a custom builder is a sound decision for an individual or family who are hoping to build a unique, luxury home. But what is the difference between choosing a custom builder - who designs and builds your home - or choosing two different companies or contractors to get the job done? Let us fill you in. 

Custom Home Building 

A custom build, sometimes referred to as a design-build only requires one contract and communication with one company. The company provides the entire service - whereas when working with a separate architect and building company, there are at least two separate contracts involved. Custom building services integrate design and contractor roles seamlessly, and the workflow is clear and unified from initial design briefs through to the final days of construction. The team works together to design and create your home - whereas separate contractors only exist to get their part of the job done. There can often be clashes between contractors in this circumstance, and in some situations the owner can become the middleman in negotiating conflict. This can lead to longer waiting periods and extra unnecessary stresses. At Artique the Designer, Director and your Builder is the same person. 


One of the primary advantages of choosing a custom builder is a promise for excellent communication and transparency between the company and client. Designer-builders take into account collaboration with the owner: they keep clients involved every step of the way, from intricate details of the design to regular updates during the construction period. Both the owner and custom builders take an active role in creating the ideal home. Artique provide weekly progress reports to all clients via email, to keep you informed.


Working with a custom builder also leads to a higher level of transparency: both when it comes to decisions regarding the design or build of your new home, and regarding the finances along the way. When using separate contractors, the entire cost of your build and design are often hazy: extra costs are added along the way, and it’s difficult to establish whether you will be able to stick to your budget and if the costs are necessary. Custom builders are responsible for all costs and keeping your home build within budget: and they let you know the exact details if something has changed. All costs are measured extremely early in the process, giving you a clear view of what you are likely to spend. From day 1, everything you want included is discussed and specified to ensure no hidden extras later – it’s all about Trust.


At Artique Homes, we custom build luxury houses across Perth. We are committed to positive relationships with our customers, and ensure we are transparent and communicative throughout the entire design and build process. We want what you want, and enjoy working with clients to build their dream homes - without all the fuss and extra costs.

With over 28 years’ experience and a cohesive, dedicated team, who else would you call? It costs no more to build a Custom Home with Artique, than another Builders standard home. Get in touch with Artique Homes today and find out how we can help you design and create your perfect home.