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  • Kitchen Design Ideas for Entertaining

    If you enjoy the thought of entertaining guests in your home, consider these ideas when designing your dream kitchen. Our home Designer utilise over 40 years of expertise creating quality homes in Perth to create kitchens that expertly combine functionality with aesthetic beauty.

  • Innovation and Design: It’s How We Turn a House into a Home

    If you’re planning a new home, it’s only natural that you’ll have a wish list of things that you want, to make your life both more enjoyable and convenient. At Artique Homes, our experienced designers will sit down with you to talk through the options and use their expertise to incorporate some inspirational design ideas to benefit your lifestyle.

  • Customised Features That Make a House a Home

    These days there are so many features that can be incorporated into a new home that we once thought of as science fiction. Technology has evolved in leaps and bounds, so many of the things that we once thought of as impossible or luxury features are actually available and very affordable.

  • 9 Features Every Home Buyer Wants in Their New Home

    Everyone has their own unique vision of how their home should be designed, so you should give careful consideration to the essential features you require when building your luxury home.