Trust in our award winning craftsmanship, design and processes. At Artique we believe that every new home should be custom designed to create a home that will be loved at NO Additional Cost than a standard design home.

Custom design of new homes is a core specialisation of ours that allows people to trust us with the responsibility of creating an amazing homes, ready to be loved and lived in.

The design we create to bring your new home ideas to life, must be true to your vision and present a home that is engineered to endure and produce a beautiful living environment.


“Your new home should ‘know’ you from day one, and combine your inspirations and personality with our trusted design and building experience to exceed expectations.”

- Malcolm Goode, Director, Builder & Designer - Artique Homes

While some people pay tens of thousands of dollars for custom design, with Artique Homes we include the benefits of custom design as standard for every home. We happily invest time in a collaborative process to build trust and achieve a deeper understanding of exactly what you want.

When it comes right down to it, our guiding design principle is all about you, and that's something you can truly trust.