The people who lead Artique set us apart. Our directors are Master Builders and home designers who deliver trust, experience and honesty to create the highest standard new homes.

Malcolm Goode, Director, Builder & Designer

Malcolm has always based the operation of his company and unequalled service delivery on a reputation of trust, honesty and integrity, with a Passion for Building.

“Building beautiful homes takes time and trust. Working together with our clients through the design and build processes is a rewarding experience that I love.” - Malcolm

With over 40 years' experience designing and building high quality custom homes across Perth, Malcolm Goode is a man you can trust with your new home.

Malcolm personally oversees the design, specification, costing, administration and construction of every Artique home. He is always available to guide you from the design stage to project completion and is always ready with the benefits of his experience and attention to detail.

John Glorie, Director of Site Construction

John also has over 40 years' experience in crafting new homes and is responsible for the daily supervision of all building sites, craftsman and contractors.

“There’s not a lot I haven’t seen and that means I keep our clients involved and relaxed about progress and the most important details of their new home build.” - John

John shares Malcolm’s passion for the details and the pursuit of the highest standards on every home. John is available by appointment on site to review construction, because our client’s need to understand and follow progress as their new home being brought to life. John is a man who knows his job inside and out and delivers calm advice and guidance that you can trust, with attention to detail.

Together, Malcolm and John make a great team with a reputation for true craftsmanship, integrity and total client satisfaction.