30 Years of Recognition for Master Craftsmanship


A new year, a new beginning.

2019 will bring its unique set of challenges to the building industry and new home owners. However, it is exciting to see positivity returning to both employment in WA and to the Housing Industry, demonstrating the benefits of building now.

It is a great time to develop or build a new home in Perth, with interest rates at an all-time low, supplier rates extremely competitive, and trade rates subdued.

These market conditions offer the best opportunity for a new home owner to build a new home that we have witnessed in many years.

It is important to remember the basics however, when building a new home:

  • Great Design costs no more for a Custom Home than standard project builders’ designs, which is a strength at Artique, and a weakness of project builders, whereby project builders plonk a standard design on your site, which offers little or no thought to you or your sites specific features – Why Compromise?
  • Orientating your home and the individual rooms within, to the right direction on your site has numerous advantages for lifestyle, energy consumption, thermal mass, climate control, natural ventilation, light & shade, vistas, etc. – which are all important considerations for a Custom Design at Artique
  • Ensuring everything required is included prior to paying a deposit is a must with any Builder, rather than Guestimates by a builder’s sales persons, such as siteworks, fees & charges, sufficient light & power points, etc., which reduces hidden costs later – Honesty & Integrity Always at Artique.
  • Including items, you specifically want within your new home, prior to paying a deposit, ensures that they are not mischievously included later by the builder, at exorbitantly higher margins – ask for everything to be included from the start.
  • Ensure that you have control of your building project, with direct contact with your builder at all times, to ensure honesty, that you are well informed and that the project and all dealings are fully transparent – Your Peace of mind.
  • Ensure every detail is discussed and verified, prior to any financial commitment by yourself, to guarantee a sound investment – don’t be in a rush to pay a deposit – it’s generally only the project builder that is desperate for your money.

What’s your style?

Artique Homes has been designing and building luxurious homes for over 30 years, incorporating our owners’ ideas and requirements uncompromised, with our expertise, to ensure the completed project is of the highest craftsmanship, built with trust and confidence.

Builder, Designer and Director, Malcolm Goode, is personally responsible for every facet of your new home, which makes the attention to every detail unique and without compromise, to ensure the process is enjoyable and rewarding, as it should be.

Artique Homes has a proven record since 1988 for uncompromised attention to every detail, unparalleled master craftsmanship and personalised service with the Director/Designer/Builder, to ensure your total satisfaction with your new home.

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