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Beautiful custom homes from $370,000!


Your home, Your style, Your ideas. The creation of your own individual design with absolutely everything you want and require included in the cost of every home by Artique. Just one of many reasons to trust us with this exciting new stage and investment with homes from $392,160 - NO hidden extras - No Tricks!.

We build beautiful single and double storey homes, Individually designed for you, at no additional cost than that of a standard builder, with all of our homes being crafted to the highest standard by an Award Winning Master Builder with every detail scrutinised before being constructed by our craftsman.

We give you direct and continuous access to the builder/Designer homself at all times, to ensure that your new home is built to the highest possible standards with weekly updates to you on production along the way.

Every Artique home shares a solid foundation built on a reputation of genuine integrity, honesty and a relationship of trust.

Artique Homes is Perth's most trusted home builder, with a passion for quality and eye for detail.

Experience the difference today - Enquire about your new home and experience how enjoyable building an Artique Home can be, 9240 1142 / enquiries@artiquehomes.com.au

It costs no more for Inspirational Design, Built on Trust.