Top Safety Features, Smart Home Technology, and a Backyard Oasis for Your Children


Having children is one of life’s greatest joys and providing them with the best home possible is essential. Whether you are building a new family home or renovating an existing property, there are certain key elements that must be considered to ensure your kids have everything they need for comfortable living in the modern world.

From safety features to fun amenities, here are some of the most important things children need in a newly built family home.

Safety First

Nothing is more important than keeping your kids safe at all times. Therefore, it’s vital to consider safety features when designing any new build or renovation project for a family home.

This includes:

  • installing smoke alarms on every level of the house and carbon monoxide detectors near sleeping areas
  • using non-toxic paints and finishes
  • installing handrails on staircase landings
  • opting for slip-resistant flooring materials such as cork or bamboo throughout the house
  • creating child-proof outlets in each room with young kids
  • ensuring that all electrical cords are tucked away safely out of reach of curious hands
  • having secure staircases leading up/downstairs if needed

Finally, make sure access points like doors and windows can be locked securely from both inside and outside so intruders will not be able to enter easily into your family’s space.

Burns Beach custom built home by Artique Homes

Burns Beach: stair case with handrailing

A Place For Fun & Playtime

Children need places in their homes where they can let off steam and play freely without fear of hurting themselves – after all, having fun is an essential part of growing up!

Designing areas specially tailored towards young ones such as dedicated playrooms with soft mats on flooring instead carpeted floors will make playing safer (and quieter!) plus give them somewhere special that’s just theirs where toys don’t get mixed up with other household items like books or electronics equipment.

Another great idea, if space allows, would be adding outdoor playgrounds right outside their bedroom windows: swings, slides, and trampolines. Allowing kids easy access to these kinds of activities also encourages physical activity which helps promote healthy development during childhood years!

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Organised Storage Solutions

Kids tend to acquire toys quickly – especially younger ones – making storage solutions crucial within any newly built family home design plan.

Look for ways to maximise available storage spaces throughout the house by including cabinets, shelves, bins etc, ideally designed low enough so little ones can easily access their own items without needing adult help (this prevents tantrums!).

Make sure these places are kept tidy by teaching kids how to properly organise their belongings early on – this will save time in future clean ups as well! Additionally, investing in furniture pieces with multiple uses such as ottomans that double as toy chests or bookshelves which can also hold stuffed animals can help keep rooms more organised while saving money too!

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology

The Benefits of “Smart Home” Technologies

A Smart Home is a residence that uses technologies to automate and manage home systems such as lighting, entertainment, security, climate control, appliances and other devices.

Smart Homes use advanced sensors, wireless networks and Internet-connected devices to enable homeowners to monitor their energy usage, adjust temperature settings remotely and even open the door for visitors when they’re away from home.

The benefits of having a Smart Home are numerous: convenience; greater comfort; improved safety; enhanced energy efficiency; increased flexibility in controlling your environment.
Smart Homes use various technologies to achieve these goals.

Home automation systems allow users to control all aspects of their house with one connected device or through mobile apps on smartphones or tablets. For example, you can turn lights on remotely just by using an app on your phone or tablet.

Automated thermostats can be programmed to adjust temperatures based on time of day or occupancy levels in the house.

Motion detectors can detect movement inside the house and send notifications via text messages if any intruders try entering it without authorisation.

Additionally, many vendors offer cloud-based services which allow users to store data from their smart devices online so they have access anytime, anywhere.

The Internet of Things

The most important technology that powers Smart Homes is the Internet of Things (IoT).

This system allows different types of electronic devices within a single network—such as lighting fixtures—to communicate with each other without human intervention by sending messages back-and-forth over Wi-Fi connections or Bluetooth signals.

With IoT technology, it’s possible for appliances like refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers, air conditioners and water heaters to all work together harmoniously as part of an integrated system – saving energy while making life easier at the same time.

Currambine custom built home by Artique Homes

Backyard swimming pool in our Currambine home

The Great Aussie Backyard (or Frontyard) Swimming Pool

Having a backyard swimming pool can be one of the most exciting new home additions for children living in Australia. During the hot summer months, nothing beats diving into a cool and refreshing pool. If you’re planning on building a new home in Perth, why not incorporate a swimming pool into your design plans? It’s a great way to make your property stand out and increase its value.

Not only is swimming a great form of exercise, but owning a pool can also provide a fun and entertaining space for family and friends to gather, especially when combined with an alfresco dining area. Imagine hosting pool parties, barbecues and lazy Sunday afternoons lounging by the water.

With modern technology, pool maintenance has never been easier. Automatic pool cleaners, pH testing equipment, and smart pool technology can all make the upkeep of your pool a breeze.

But before diving headfirst into building a pool, make sure to consider the practicalities. Factors like safety, maintenance costs, and location should all be thought through. It’s important to ensure that your pool is safely enclosed and equipped with the necessary safety features to meet your local regulations, especially if you have young children or pets.

Budgeting for regular upkeep such as cleaning, chemical treatments, and equipment repairs is crucial. Additionally, the location of your pool should be carefully chosen to maximise enjoyment and minimise potential issues. We consider factors like sun exposure, privacy, and landscaping when planning your pool design with your new home design.

Another consideration for pool owners is the environmental impact of their pool. Traditional chlorine-based pools can be harmful to the environment, but there are alternative options like saltwater systems or natural pool filtration that can reduce the negative impact. It’s important to educate yourself and make environmentally conscious decisions when it comes to building and maintaining your pool.

Overall, a swimming pool can be a great addition to any home, adding value, luxury, and fun for children and adults alike.


In addition to safety features, Smart Home technology solutions offer a range of benefits for families who want to ensure the best in comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency.

From home automation systems to smart home devices like thermostats and motion detectors, the possibilities are endless. This can keep you and your family connected, comfortable and entertained at all times. Installing a swimming pool in your backyard can also be a great way to bring fun and excitement to your family, especially during the hot summer months.

Overall, there are numerous benefits to exploring Smart Home technology solutions. With Artique Homes by your side, you can create a new family home complete with your desired Smart Home technology solutions and make your newly built home a dream home for your family.

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