New Home Design Trends for 2022


New home design trends

Are you planning your new home design? Wondering which new home design trends you could incorporate?

Are you considering renovating part of your home?

With the new year, a number of new home design trends have sprouted. Many designers and building and renovation experts have said that the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced new home design trends in recent years. There is now a fundamental change in how we view our homes.

Vogue recently asked several top designers what new home design trends would become popular. The prevailing answer was that home design would equate to comfort, especially since people are now spending more time at home, even in locations where lockdowns were not prevalent.

Other design trends incorporate multi-functional living spaces to accommodate increasing work from home setups, and even ways to accommodate new hobbies that started during the pandemic. Even upgrades to new home technology are on the rise.

Here are some new home trends to consider:

Home offices

Many people don’t like to bring work home but were “forced” to do so during the pandemic. Working at the kitchen table or in the living room is definitely not appealing for many. Not only do you need a conducive environment to work, but also a space that looks presentable during those frequent video calls and online meetings.

Home office

Nature overload

Most of us love outdoor living. There is a growing trend in connecting the outdoor area to the indoors, as well as choosing materials with earthly, natural and organic feels. Having natural light, with floor-to-ceiling windows, without having to leave the house is a popular trend.

For outdoor settings, designs are predicted to be lush and highlighted with people having strong desire to connect with nature this year.

Floor to ceiling windows

Outdoor dining areas

With people staying more at home, dining out with family and friends less often, outdoor entertainment is highlighted in home designs. Whether it’s a gazebo, a deck or patio, the outdoor space now increasingly doubly functions as an open-air dining area.

Outdoor dining

Adaptable living space

Again, having a multi-purpose area is in. Consider having a space with non-permanent walls which can be shifted to extend the room. Your home will be adaptable to the needs of your family.

Adaptable living space

Colourful and homely colours

A number of designers are predicting that neutral colours will be out, and more colourful interiors will be in. Colours like yellow or a contrasting pop of colour added in a room with a more neutral tone. People want to stay away from any feeling of bleakness.

We had a tough year in 2020, and people want to have a more positive vibe in the house, which could be translated through colours.

Colourful and homely colours

Changes in the bathroom

Copper and brass for fixtures in the bathroom, not only because of their chic style but also because of their antibacterial qualities. You could also consider incorporating smart bathroom ideas, like automatic washbasins and touchless flushing toilets.

Changes in the bathroom

Designer kitchens

It is not a surprise that a lot of people found cooking and baking as a new pastime last year.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and for 2021, a spacious, functional but very stylish kitchen is a must. A kitchen that is fit for a chef is definitely the trend this year.

Designer kitchen

There are many new home design trends that you can discuss with your builder.

Consider new home design trends and ideas, but at the same make sure that they fit your lifestyle and budget.

You could also stick to the more classic trends and styles which resonate with you, and provide practicality and comfort.

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