5 Popular Architectural Home Designs for Home Inspiration


Popular architectural home designs to inspire your new home design

If you are planning to have your own house built, congratulations to you! The journey to having your new home is an exciting one. However, it is a process and there are many things to consider when designing your new home.

If having a custom-made home is your direction, then you will have complete control on every detail of the design. If you have the right home builder, you will certainly achieve your vision.

There are a number of popular architectural home designs that you can draw inspiration from when designing your custom-built home. Your aim is, of course, to have a practical home which complements your family’s lifestyle, your land size, the type of climate, and other conditions, but at the same time being aesthetically pleasing and bespoke.

Narrowing down the design option when you speak to your home builder is an important step in the overall building process. So here are some architectural styles that could help you.

Victorian homes

During the 19th century, this style of home was the ultimate expression of Australia’s increasing wealth and progress in terms of industry and craftsmanship. Victorian houses are reminiscent of British style of housing. The style is characterised by grandeur, brickworks, verandas, and ornate cast-iron lacework. If you want a house with an historical feel, you can incorporate some of the elements of this architectural design.

Federation style architecture

The Queenslander

They say that the Queenslander is the counterpart of New York’s penthouse apartment. If you want to pay ode to this remarkable architecture, then mixing some of its elements to your custom-made home is a way to go. This style of home is ideal if your would-be home is located on the peak of the hills, so that you enjoy the view and the cooling ventilation, perfect for relaxation. The veranda is also the highlight of this type of house, but it is considered to be neither indoor or outdoors because it often serves as an extension of the indoor living space. It also has double hung windows and doors, and is slightly elevated above grounds.

Queenslander architecture


This style of architecture was influenced by the American and European idea of “connecting inside out”. This type of house is actually popular in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. It is characterised by open plan simplicity, minimalist interior, large windows and geometric walls.

Burns Beach modern home style by Artique Homes


You can find the right balance between Moroccan influence and modern lines with this type of design. This Euro-inspired house design is actually now being popularised in many modern Australian homes. It is like having a daily “mini” vacation at your own home without forking out for a ticket! If you have the space, a nice pool would definitely complement this design.

You can spot a Mediterranean home with its stone/brick exterior (usually in white or pastel hues), arched windows to let the breeze in the house, wooden exterior door, low pitch roofs with terracotta tiles, open-plan interiors, high ceilings perfect for warm weather and tiled floors.

Mediterranean architecture


This is probably the Marie Kondo of houses. It is deliberately simple, and heavy ornamentation is a no-no. The focus in minimalist houses is the lifestyle and personality of the owners minus the clutter. Monochromatic palette, wide spaces, natural textures and indoor-outdoor connectivity are often seen in Minimalist houses.

If you want to have that light, simple and open feel, then check out different minimalist designs.

Minimalist architecture

There are actually a whole lot of different architectural designs to choose from. It is essential that you choose a design that resonates with you. You can combine different elements and discuss it with your homebuilder. You can also see different custom-made and luxurious home by Artique Homes in the “Our Homes” section for inspiration

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