Salter Point 2

Colonial & Hamptons style home with scenic river views

Situated in close proximity to the river, the primary requirement for this Colonial / Hamptons style home was to maximise the scenic river views that the location offered. The homeowners, now empty-nesters, also articulated their desire for a residence that exuded classic style while demanding minimal upkeep. The need for a harmonious coexistence of guest accommodation with distinct sound separation from the main living space on the lower level was also paramount. Moreover, they envisioned the inclusion of a master suite resembling that of a luxury hotel and a plunge pool.

Navigating these specifications was no mean feat, given the challenges at hand. The plot was constrained in size and featured a diagonal forward slope of 4 meters. In response to the site’s natural topography, the dwelling spans three meticulously planned levels. The lower level encompasses a spacious three-car garage, a well-equipped gym, and a temperature-controlled cellar. The mid-level is dedicated to the main open-plan living areas, flawlessly integrated with the opulent master suite. Lastly, the top floor accommodates additional guest rooms and living spaces, further augmented by dedicated areas such as a music room, a theatre room, and an activity room.

The design seamlessly weaves together quintessential elements of both Hamptons and traditional Australian Colonial style architecture. The incorporation of bull-nosed verandahs, intricately designed frieze work, and skillfully executed timber battened gables reflects this influence. Complementing this aesthetic is a tasteful palette borrowed from the Hampton’s style, featuring a selection of natural materials such as cream-hued feature stone and white-painted balustrades. The synthesis of these elements bestows the residence with an air of timeless sophistication. Impressively, the home has achieved an exceptional 7.5-star energy rating, emphasising Artique Homes’ commitment to sustainability and efficiency.