Benefits of Building a Two Storey Home



Here are some of the key benefits of investing in and building a two storey home in Perth.

It’s one of those classic debates in the real estate industry and amongst those who are getting ready to build their first (or second!) home: one storey or two? Both have their benefits, but here at Artique we believe that a two storey home simply has more to offer. Here are some of the key benefits of investing in and building a two storey home in Perth.

Maximise Your Space

Perhaps the number one benefit of choosing to build a two storey home is that you are maximising your space and making the most out of your land – no matter whether you have a large block or a narrow lot. By building ‘up,’ you can not only increase the number of bedrooms and living areas within your home – it also lends to an ability to maximise yard space. Those who choose to build single storey homes often have to utilise most of their block space to the structure itself, whereas two storey home builders – particularly in Perth – can allow for larger outdoor entertaining areas, pools and yard space.

Save Money

Building a two storey home is also a great way to save money. While you may spend the same amount of cash on the home itself whether you build a single or double storey home, savings come when you consider block size. Narrow lots and small blocks are becoming more and more prevalent across Perth, and their financial benefits are twofold: they are, generally, sold at lower prices than their larger counterparts and their lower cost allows buyers to invest in suburbs that they may not otherwise be able to afford to live in. Buying a smaller block in an area where land lots are considerably expensive is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door.

Growing Families

For those getting ready to design and build a new home for a growing family, two storey homes are perfect. Having two storeys creates space and boundaries for those with kids heading into – or already firmly in – their teenage years. Many families choose to put a bedroom for parent/s on one storey, and the kids on another, allowing for privacy and distance for both parties when needed. Multiple living spaces are also much more attainable when choosing to build two storeys. For those with younger kids or looking to start a family, the potential danger of stairs is easily eliminated with a small gate for your stairs or with separated rooms and areas.

Start Designing Your Custom Home

The process of designing and building a custom home to suit you or your family’s needs can be difficult. But with the one-on-service of a two storey luxury home builder in Perth like Artique Homes, you can be confident that every tiny detail is taken into consideration. Are you ready to put plans in motion for you brand new luxury two storey home?

Want to find out more about two storey designs and building from an expert? It costs no more to build a Custom Home with Artique, than another Builders standard home. Get in touch with the friendly, professional staff at Artique Homes today.

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