Custom Home Design & Personal Service Still Matter


Why Custom Home Design & Personal Service matter

Great Custom Home Design is essential for any home, no matter what style you prefer.

When complemented by a fully comprehensive specification of all required and wanted inclusions, with a fixed – all inclusive quotation from day one, no hidden extras later, along with direct contact with the builder himself at all times, and weekly report updates, building your new home results in a terrific experience.

At Artique, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you experience a difference to that of a standard design project builder.

Unlike project builder homes, which are generally standard designs, simply plonked onto blocks with no consideration for environmental aspects, views, livability, privacy, light and shade, your personal family requirements, etc., an Artique Home is custom designed to consider all of these aspects and more.

When we design your new home, we ensure that the finished product has no compromise for the occupants, and surprisingly at NO ADDITIONAL COST THAN A PROJECT BUILDER’S STANDARD DESIGN.

At Artique, it all starts with a Design Brief meeting, working with the Designer. We review all aspects of your site, discuss YOUR requirements and wishes for your new family home, obligation free, after which a carefully considered design will be conceptualised for your review and input at all times. Once the design is presented and accepted, then prior to any estimating, considerable time is taken to develop a specification, to ensure you have the products and level of quality required, and suitable allowances for tiling, appliances, and other required inclusions, as well as other items such as air conditioning, flooring, security, smart wiring, etc., to ensure that the quote is complete in every way.

We then proceed to estimating, whereby, unlike project builders who guesstimate a lot of costs such as siteworks, which often blow-out later, at Artique, we have every item fully quoted by all contractors, to ensure that what we present are real costs. Honesty and integrity are conclusive.

Artique also process all approvals and provide a detailed Building Program, so that you may monitor every step of the construction, backed up by weekly building progress reports, to provide peace of mind; and arrange to meet you personally on site at various stages, as required, to ensure you are fully informed always.

Therefore, if you are considering demolishing your existing home, or building on a new home site, then explore Artique Homes and contact Malcolm Goode for an obligation-free consultation to experience the difference with Artique.

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