Choose Your Builder Before You Choose Your Home


There are many Builders (and in most cases inexperienced or unscrupulous salespersons), in the current market, who either price your home at an unrealistically low specification, knowing that at some stage you will have to upgrade to an acceptable level; or who simply pluck unrealistically low figures from nowhere, for items such as siteworks and associated costs, internal finishes, engineering, services, etc., rather than correctly quoting these items to entice a deposit from you; and then at a later date at Pre-Start, after you have paid a deposit whereby you are financially committed, present you with the correct and most often significantly higher costs, at significantly higher ‘variation’ profit margins, at a time whereby you have already arranged your level of finance, and you may therefore have to overextend, to cover these costs, which could have been included at a reduced margin, if included and quoted correctly originally.

All potential home buyers should ensure that the following items are considered in detail and fully quoted correctly prior to committing financially to any Builder, for the construction of their new home, and if they will not provide fully quoted accurate costings – you can shop for a home elsewhere:


Ensure all items are fully ‘Quoted’ by contractors and itemized as ‘Quoted’ amounts, including but not limited to: Earthworks; Rock removal; Contour Survey; Site Repeg by a Licensed Surveyor; Dewatering; Stormwater drainage and Driveway drainage; Water connection and run-in; Sewer connection to the mains (not a minimal allowance); Water Authority fees; Headworks Fees (if applicable); Underground Power Dome and power Run-in to the Home (not a minimal allowance); Power SmartMeter; Gas connection to the house (not a minimal allowance); Telephone/NBN connection to the house (not a minimal allowance); Town Planning Fees (if applicable) to council values; Council Kerb/Footpath deposits/fees; Retaining walls and cement injection (if applicable); Paving to driveways/paths and crossover fully quoted; Fencing (if applicable) and gates; Termite treatment; a Geotechnical Soil Report; Oceanside conditions for construction if within 1 Km of the breaking surf; any other consideration that may be directly applicable to your site – request a firm price quote – do not accept an assumed/guestimate PS/PC allowance that can be increased later at exorbitant rates, and do not accept them as Council Approval conditions at a later date – they can be costed up front!

Ensure that you methodically review the Specification/Inclusions to your home and that they are included at both a realistic value and to your expectation’s, prior to paying a deposit, such as: tiling values and extent of the tiling to wet area floors and walls; is the tiling ceramic, porcelain, rectified or Vitreous; skirting’s – are they included; internal timber sills – are they included or just plaster; type of cornice; cabinet materials – stone tops etc., cabinet handles, doors & drawers to cabinets; finishes such as painting – is it included or not and who does the preparation works to the plaster walls; flooring finishes – by you or the builder and to what quality; external finishes – brick, rendered of applied finishes; roofing type and whether sarking is required; type of doors internally and external; taps, showers, shower screens, basins, toilets suites, accessories – are they what you want and to the quality you require; paving – is it to the area and quality you require; door handles; garden taps; floor wastes to wet areas; Appliances – are they at the quality level that you want; hot water system – is it the type you want and economical for useage, Check each and every element of the specification – ask questions and amend with quoted costs, prior to committing to a deposit/contract, and avoid excessive variation margins later to these items.

6-Star Energy requirements

Ask your builder to calculate the requirements for roof and wall insulation, thermal glazing, building mass, and include the necessary requirements, prior to committing to a deposit/contract, and avoid excessive variation margins later to these items, whereby a lot of Builders use the adage later that these are council approval conditions – these costs can be fully assessed prior to that stage. • Construction Quality: request information on the standards of construction – does your builder utilize ‘Fastwall’ blocks’ which are subject to long term movement, or ‘Verticore’ style blocks internally and externally, which are more stable; do they include plaster angle beads to all internal exposed plaster corners and window/door reveals to protect against chipping; have wind loads been accommodated with roof tie down straps; are the footings and floor slabs reinforced to reduce long tern cracking through settlement; do they utilize slotted gutters to reduce rainwater flow back into eaves; What quality of window frames do they utilize; what quality of roofing do they include – will it fade within a few years; are the cabinets to the kitchen and wet areas constructed of water resistant board, or just plain custom wood/chipboard melamine; are the showers fully waterproofed to 2 metres above floor level with bandaged joints at the floor; how high are the shower tiles; are the stone bench tops single thickness edges which may buckle, or double thickness; do the cabinets have soft close doors and drawers; does the wet area tiling include mitred external joints, or unsightly butt joints; are there sufficient light and power points per room – most allow one point per room; what quality of paint is to be utilized and how many coats; are there enough phone points/data points; are light fittings included with installation costs – these are some of the items Builders will upgrade later at higher unexpected costs – it pays to do your homework first, and also avoid unfair penalty costs by Builders for late variation charges.

Optional Items

Some builders include these items as a perceived sales incentive indicating they are Free inclusions – don’t be hoodwinked – you are paying for these items – they are not Free, (and/or as additional extras), such as Air-conditioning; Security system; Vacuum system; Smart wiring; Carpets; Window Treatments; Timber or Tiled Main Floors; etc.,– therefore check the values and quality as well as the extent of these inclusions, as you may find them of inferior quality or limited in quantity. If you request these items to be specifically included, specifically ask for a firm quotation, itemizing exactly what is included, and for a copy of the written quotation inclusions and carefully assess in detail – even meet with the supplier/contractor separately first to confirm that they are included to your requirements – it pays to ask questions.

Choose Your Builder Before You Choose Your Home

At Artique Homes, we purposely spend a lot of time and effort up front, prior to you committing financially to your new home investment, to ensure that what you want – is what we provide and deliver in both Fully Quoted competitive pricing, to the Specification level that meets with your expectations and that of your long term investment; and to a level of Quality that you should expect upon completion, and that everything you ultimately want in your new home is included from day 1, to ensure there are no hidden extra unexpected costs later.

It costs no more to build an Artique Home. Comprehensively specified and fully quoted.

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